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Sometimes, we must rely upon the kindness of strangers to survive the challenges we face in our own lives.  And sometimes, it is only a small or simple effort on the part of a stranger, which can make all the difference to someone in need.

While the Refugee Welcome Center is appreciative of all direct contributions, we understand you may want another way to give back to refugee families and immigrant groups in West Hill.

Sponsor a Campaign opportunities earmark your donation for one of our growing efforts.  We are thankful for your help as we rebuild safe, secure and clean housing in West Hill, offer education and community activities, and help connect our new neighbors with resources that will make them self-sufficient and successful.

Thank you, to all who Volunteer!
We appreciate your Support.  

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Neighborhood Stabilization

Funds allocated for Refugee Welcome Center Maintenance;  West Hill Neighborhood Redevelopment; Building Rehabs and Remodeling; Building Materials...


Funds allocated for Education Classes; Books; School Supplies; Summer Camps; Workshops or Training Programs; Application Fees...

Local Domestic Needs

Funds allocated for Furniture; Food; Clothing; Toiletries; Household Goods and Supplies...

Community Services

Funds allocated for Refugee Welcome Center Volunteers; Legal Services; Tax Prep and Accounting; Immigration Paper Work; Health Care; Translations...